1. For shows, use the notation "sXXeYY" where XX represents the season (such as 02) and YY represents the episode (such as 03)
  2. There are no direct links to .torrent files to ensure you don't download something you didn't mean to (please contact me if it does)
  3. Make sure you specify distributions or versions when searching for software
  4. It often helps to type in your language as a search term (e.g. "English")
  5. Unlike regular results, you may need to look at the second or third page to find a torrent with many seeders
  6. Note that many TV shows can be streamed for free nowadays from major network websites
This is a search engine for finding torrent files. It contains no direct links to torrent files to ensure torrent site owners don't get hit-and-run visitors, and you don't accidentally download a mysterious file without reading about it first. Everybody wins. Read more here.

This torrent search engine crawls well over 50 torrent sites. Included are well-known sites such as IsoHunt, Linuxtracker, bittorrent, and various open source project distribution channels. Please make sure you have permission to distribute or download content you find through this search engine. If you know of a good torrent site that should be added to this torrent search engine, please contact me.

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